Wednesday, 3 April 2013

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Caltha palustris

Another two or three days of this weather to go and we should be back to more normal temperatures, still waking up to severe frosts and a biting east wind every morning. One of the harbingers of spring which is forcing its way out is Caltha palustris, the native Marsh Marigold and its white form Caltha palustris alba.
Caltha palustris alba just emerging now.
A member of the Ranunculaceae, Caltha comes from the Greek kalathos meaning goblet which aptly describes the flower shape and particularly with the yellow flower a 'golden goblet'. Indispensable perennial for waterside planting, but can be invasive. They can be propagated by sowing the seed, as soon as it is ripe, on permanently damp compost in shade or, alternatively, plants can be divided, after flowering, in late spring.

Caltha palustris alba with foliage.

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