Friday, 31 May 2013

Tulip time.

Here are a few of my favorite tulips from the ones I tried for the fist time this year, most weren't planted until the end of December which meant, coupled with the cold spring, there was only a matter of about two weeks between earlies and lates coming into flower. The earlies are now coming to an end but the rest are still putting on a good show.

Tulipa 'Antraciet'
(double late)

Tulipa 'Carnaval de Rio'
(triumph tulip)
I love 'Carnaval de Rio', the massive blooms are larger than the size of my cupped hand, look tremendous en masse. 

Tulipa 'Crème Upstar'
(double late)
 Superb colour and form.

Tulipa 'Don Quichotte'
(triumph tulip)

Tulipa 'Jan Reus'
(triumph tulip)

Tulipa 'Orange Princess'
(double late)
'Orange Princess' is another exceptional flower, the colour is both unusual and outstanding. 

Tulipa 'Angélique'
(double late)
I have grown 'Angélique' before but include it as one of my all-time favourites.

Tulipa 'Pirvilla Lady'
(fringed tulip)
  I must admit that I treat tulips as bedding plants and discard them after flowering. They need a good feeding and baking to perform a second year, and they stand absolutely no chance of getting sufficient sun in this garden. They are almost my only indulgence in that I no longer grow bedding plants, my one truly successful one being impatiens which is now off limits, nearly everything I grow is from seed and I only buy a few plants each year so I feel I can splash out a few quid on my tulip bulbs and enjoy them for all they are worth.


  1. We also had a lot of Tulips this year Rick and like yourself treat them as annuals. I particularly like your Jan Reus'
    (triumph tulip). As well as the ones in the borders we had loads in tubs planted in early October and just left outside all Winter. Seems like the problem with Impatiens hasn't been resolved, we used to make a big thing of them in our bedding scheme.

    1. It's funny how subjective peoples tastes are, I like 'Jan Reus' although my favourite is definitely 'Carnaval de Rio', the flowers are gigantic. I never thought I would like big artificial looking blooms and until about 15 years ago wouldn't touch lilies but now I love them. Anyone visiting the garden immediately spots 'Pirvilla Lady' which is why it is included, personally I won't be growing it again.