Monday, 19 August 2013

As colours fade.

As I no longer grow bedding plants colour is becoming a bit short in what is essentially a spring garden although there is still plenty of contrast from plants and shrubs with silver or purple leaves. Currently the mainstays are the lilies but I have also included a few more pictures of  mid-late summer flowering plants which are helping to add a splash of contrast.

Much underrated and seemingly out of fashion Spireas (Astilbe) make excellent border and waterside plants, not to be confused with the shrubby genus Spirea. Goat's-beards, thrive in full sun or partial shade as long as conditions are damp, although, once established, they will tolerate more dryness or shade than they are often given credit for. They range from white through pink to very deep red, the stems and young growth are often red in the darker flowered cultivars.They are easily propagated by division in the spring as they come into growth.

Asarina procumbens

Asarina purpusii
 I actually acquired the seed of Asarina purpusii as Maurandya purpusii in a society lucky-dip, but together with Asarina procumbens, which I have always grown, these antirrhinums make an interesting, if not flower packed, wall trough. I love the soft velvety leaves of Asarina procumbens and the bees love both plants............perfect. I have also grown Asarina scandens which is similar to A.purpusii. Asarina procumbens will overwinter outdoors in a mild winter. All are easily grown from seed sown in very early spring and treated as a half-hardy annual or, better still, can be grown as half-hardy perennials if over-wintered inside producing much bigger plants.
Lilium 'Lavon'
This cultivar is just one of several which represent an interesting development in lilies. These crosses between Oriental Lilies and Trumpet Lilies are know as Giant Lilies, Orienpet Lilies, Oriental Trumpet Lilies or even Tree Lilies and many claims are made about how they will develop to enormous size. Although last year the stems only achieved a fairly average height compared with other lilies, this year they have become much stronger.   

Lilium 'Night Flyer'
An Asiatic hybrid which is quite happy in this position, unfortunately the sun was not catching it when the picture was taken.

On the animal front a badger has managed to find its way onto the top of a large pot and from there to rip down and shred to pieces the metal and wood suet block feeder that hangs.....sorry hung........... a few feet above it upsetting the pot and emptying its contents all over the pathway. Quite enterprising in a destructive sort of way!!

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