Friday, 5 December 2014

Winter exercise.

We have just had the first frost and this time of the year is now best reserved for going through the seed lists and ordering for next year. If you are feeling energetic this is also the best time of the year to make your structural alterations and I thought it might be of interest to show you one I did on my own over the winter about four years ago when I was pretty much retired. The site is at the foot of Kinder Scout in Derbyshire and had very limited access, all the materials had to be brought in from the front of the house and through the neighbours yard, and, as you can see, was so steep you could not actually climb it without something to lever yourself up with. The weather didn't help and the cottages were cut off around Christmas time and the snow was frequently too deep to work.

The rise was actually 18 feet from the yard floor.
Everything had to be brought through the gate via. the neighbour's garden.
 The retaining walls were essentially of drystone construction with some areas reinforced by concrete to the rear, unfortunately the budget wouldn't stretch to using York stone for the steps but the Indian Stone flags were more than adequate.

All the fencing was renewed.
A deck was installed at the top of the steps giving the client a leisure area which was actually in the sun as opposed to ground level which spent a great deal of the day in shade.

The whole of the lower level of paving was relaid and about six flags had to be replaced. Please ignore the plastic troughs but the client couldn't wait to add their own touches.