Friday, 18 August 2017

Two months in one post.

    Things have not quite worked out as expected and I have been unable to post as regularly as intended so I have included a set of photographs taken over the last two months which show the garden progressing over a relatively short period from very late May to almost the end of July, it always surprises me just how drastically things change when nature goes into overdrive.

Viburnum plicatum f. tomentosum 'Mariesii'
 I make no excuses for showing a picture of this wonderful shrub yet again, now over 4 metres in height it never fails to light up the garden every year.

Rheum palmatum var. tanguticum
 This giant rhubarb has  reached its optimum height this year producing several strong flower spikes, unfortunately the foliage has now reverted to green unlike the bright red reverse of the young growth.

Azalea - unknown cultivar.

 The striking colour of this inherited plant at roughly 3 metres high, really stands out and invites comment from all who see it.

Below are several views of the main part of the garden.

Geranium oxonianum 'Katherine Adele'

The Japanese Water Iris (Iris ensata)

Gunnera magellanica (foreground), the thin pointed foliage is that of Carex elata 'Aurea' , Bowles' Golden Sedge.
A percentage of the flowers of Viburnum plicatum f. tomentosum 'Mariesii' turn a pale pink before the red berries arrive.

Hydrangea macrophylla 'King George' in the foreground, Festuca glauca 'Intense Blue' sitting above.

Meconopsis wallichii standing around two metres in height.

Tetrapanax papyrifer 'Rex' a young plant which will be overwintered with some protection.

Lily time!
Some more views round the garden. Welcome to the jungle!


This year, having blown hot and cold for the last few, I have allowed more of the Angelica archangelica plants to develop and it has paid off. The self-seeded plants round the garden are the result of crosses between the original species and Angelica 'Ebony', they do tend to seed about a great deal but are easily pulled up where not wanted and being biennial one has the benefit of identifying the colour and growth characteristics in deciding which to keep or remove. Being umbellifers they make excellent nurseries for ladybird larvae and hosts to many beneficial insects such as hover-flies as well as being striking architectural plants.

After drastically cutting back the two large rhododendrons a couple of years ago because of an infestation of cushion scale they are now making well shaped bushes again. The evening primroses which have not been seen for years re-emerged last year probably because of the change of conditions.

A tangle of what is at present one my favourites, hardy geraniums, at the front is the delightful  Geranium 'Orkney Cherry'.

Hydrangea arborescens 'Strong Annabelle'
Sold as 'Incrediball', I am really impressed by this plant, a six inch high 'stick' at this time last year it grew so fast this year that the top growth caused the pot I had it in to blow over given the slightest excuse, it was re-potted and is now stable. I have had to stake it but not because of weak stems but because of the high winds and torrential rain we have had to endure this "summer"

Hydrangea aspera (Villosa Group)
Another hydrangea, not as showy but still has its own character, the soft furry leaves add to its charm.

Hydrangea paniculata 'Vanille Fraise'
This hydrangea is a favourite but, possibly because of the lack of light in my garden, they always go leggy and tend to flop, I think it needs a generous amount of sun to succeed.

Pulmonaria 'Silverado'
A recent purchase to fill an empty space I am rather taken with this striking Lungwort.

Hope you have enjoyed a wander round my garden, I am just sorry that my posts are not as frequent as they were.


  1. Absolutely wonderful Rick.Wish I could remember the names as well as you do.

  2. Hi Rick, glad I checked out your blog today. 'Mariesii' was always a favourites of mine, I never did give it enough room. Your garden looks so inviting, is moving still on the cards? Your Azalea looks very much like Glowing Embers which we had in Aberdeen. I actually planted the Hydrangea Annabelle in our new garden, a very young plant which carried one large flower head a couple of weeks ago, snapped in the wind before it fully opened. Research has shown it to be spectacular with warnings of the stems not being strong enough for the size of flowers.

    1. Thanks for the information about the azalea Alistair, moving is still on the cards but will now probably be in spring next year.

  3. Rick, just noticed you have the Annabelle with the more sturdy stems (Strong)

    1. The one I obtained was being sold as 'Incrediball', when it first burst into life this year I thought the stems would be no where near strong enough to support the flower-heads, however the "leaders" did thicken up and are fine although some of the lower stems have tended to flop under the weight of the bloom. Considering the bashing it has suffered from the weather this year I think the plant performed exceptionally well.

  4. Hi, Rick!
    Lovely garden, your hydrangeas and hostas are beautiful. Have a nice day!

    1. Thanks Nadezda, I seem to have accumulated a collection of hydrangeas, but they do give lots of interest late on.

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