A few years ago I would not have looked at lilies as I thought they were far too artificial in their appearance, however, I now find even the large ones indispensable.  I first tried them in pots and then after flowering I moved them into the open ground in the herbaceous borders as they have long been included as 'cottage garden' plants by many gardeners. I am now a complete convert, they are easy to grow and very reliable giving spectacular colour at the back end of the summer. There is only one cloud on the horizon, lily beetle, which until recently I have kept in check mainly by pulling the adults off the plant and crushing them although I now find spraying as the plants emerge followed by two further applications a year keeps them in check. 
     The lilies shown below are some of those which I have planted over the last few years.
Golden Splendour
African Queen
Night Flyer
Pink Perfection
Lillium regale

Cardiocrinum giganteum (syn. Lilium giganteum)

Cardiocrinum giganteum King of Lilies




'Jet Set'






'Time Out'

'Tom Pouce'


'Kiss Proof'

'Salmon Star'
'Robert Swanson'

'Mona Lisa'

Lilies can be propagated from cold sown fresh seed for species plants, or by removal of bulbils or offsets or by removing good firm scales just after flowering and replanting in a gritty compost in the cases where vegetative propagation is required. Always take care not to damage the roots to prevent rot to which they are prone.

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